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House Miniatures 2019-2020   

Artist Statement

How do spaces become imbued with character, and how do they document our interactions with our surroundings? Houses shape us in profound ways, beyond just providing shelter. What is less often considered is how we shape and affect the house, as an inhabitant and a voyeur. This project started with an exploration of the distinct feeling of driving past houses that have immediate character and presence. They draw you in, and call forth a voyeuristic curiosity. Who lives there? What stories does it have to tell?


I enjoy toeing the line between kitsch and fine art with the use of cheap craft materials, constructing with a magical sense of realism. The miniature scale invokes that childlike curiosity in discovering new surroundings. The windows of these miniatures give a clear view into the heart of the house. Windows that are obscured make the viewer even more curious. My hope is to encourage the viewer to get close and freely engage and explore the houses, an opportunity we are not usually offered in reality. Reflecting on what is and is not made available to us. 

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